Friday, December 15, 2017

Junior Prizegiving And Christmas Liturgy

Lachlan Brookes - Physical Education
Joseph Spillane - English, Computing
Marcus Herrera - Science, Social Studies
Laurinda Lowen - Religious Studies, Drama, Diligence
Imogen Keeling - Maths, Material Technology, Food Technology, Design & Visual Communication, Music
Georgina Houston - Design & Visual Communication, Diligence
Mequa Smart - Art, Diligence
Chloe Tillard - Diligence
Antonia Black - Diligence

Yneke Edzes - Physical Education, Maths, Diligence
Harriet Heaphy - English, Science, Social Studies, Religious Studies, Material Technology, Food Technology, Drama, Art, Diligence
Jacob Fowler - Religious Studies
Upashna Prasad - Computing, Diligence
Shekinah Castillo - Design & Visual Communication
Fergus Armour - Drama
Cassidhe Harrop - Music
Elizabeth Barrell - Diligence
Keane Pe - Diligence
Kachamas Mangmee - Diligence
Phillippa Hunter - Diligence
Grace Sanford - Diligence
Kaleb Cant - Diligence

Jasmine Emery - Physical Education
Leyanne Monoy - English, Religious Studies, Design & Visual Communication, Music, Art, Diligence
Kate Gibson - English, Diligence
Jocelyn Fellowes - Science, Social Studies, Maths, Food Technology, Computing, Design & Visual Communication, Diligence
Halalova Asi - Religious Studies, Diligence
Adam Devon - Material Technology, Drama
Seth Sinclair - Music

Sebastian Whiston - Physical Education, English, Social Studies, Maths
Elizabeth Plieger - Science, Religious Studies, Drama, Diligence
Maria Bucane - Maths, Computing, Music, Art, Diligence
Isaac Eathorne - Material Technology
Grace Firman - Food Technology
Isabella Hanning - Design & Visual Communication
Katy Tyrrell - Design & Visual Communication
Grace Guyton - Drama
Johanna Alegado - Art, Diligence
Fenella Ballantyne - Diligence
Jacob Taukamo - Diligence

Hamana Kahukura-Davis - Skill in CAD Drawing
Mannix Fraser - Skill in CAD Drawing, Maths
Locky Collins - Physical Education
Madeleine Neal - English, Science, Social Studies, Drama, Diligence
Ella Andersen - Religious Studies, Maths, Diligence
Eliza Baster - Material Technology, Art, Digital Art
Scarlett Smith - Food Technology, Diligence
Ella Brown - Computing, Diligence
Brooke Te Maiharoa - Design & Visual Communication
Sivaenga Katoa - Music, Diligence

Marshall Palmer - Junior High Performance Sport, Physical Education
Bethan Ardouin - English, Drama, Art
Penny Keeling - Science, Social Studies, Cambridge Maths
Jack Murphy - Business Studies
Joel Kunnethedan - Religious Studies, Material Technology, Music, Digital Art
Rebecca Kinney - Cambridge Maths, Design & Visual Communication, Diligence
Bailey Collins - Maths
Tannah Rintoul - Food Technology
Lucy Hitchcock - Computing
Carl Alegado - Art

Ellen Swanson - Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Maths
Jessie Kelland - English, Business Studies, Diligence
Nina Dickie - Science, Design & Visual Communication
Sally Xie, Religious Studies, Music, Diligence
Maddison Bleach - Material Technology, Diligence
Trish Chikowore - Food Technology, Computing, Music, Digital Art, Diligence
Millie Coutts - Design & Visual Communication, Art
Sarah Jones - Drama
Carlin Bungard - Diligence

Jaimee Trainor - Physical Education
Abigail Jenkinson - English, Science, Design & Visual Communication, Art, Diligence
Kazsandra Cuaresma - Social Studies
Annie Metcalfe - Religious Studies, Maths, Food Technology, Diligence
Clark Ewing - Material Technology, Design & Visual Communication
Alexander Houston - Computing, Drama
Mekeisha Hurley - Music
Lucila Mino Zubiri - Digital Art
Emily McCoy - Diligence

Special Awards
Achievement in Cultural Endeavours Female (Keep Family Cup) - Bethan Ardouin
Achievement in Cultural Endeavours Male (Musical Theatre Oamaru 60th Jubilee Cup) - Joel Kunnethedan
Diligence & Determination (Daniel Gillies Memorial Cup) - Chloe Tillard

Service to the College (SKC Plate) - Isaac Steel

Thursday, December 7, 2017

What A Circus

Y9 Hostel students were treated to a trip to the circus last night and had a great time!  What a nice way to end their first year at the College.

Wednesday Equals Competition Day

Wednesday was competition day for our Y9s, with Bridge Breaking, a film competition and of course the always popular Y9's Got Talent at which Mr Nyika and Mrs Dooley had the task of judging!  First place went to the amazing dancing trio of Leyanne Monoy, Johanna Alegado and Maria Nichole Bautista, Cassidhe Harrop and Ethan Downing sang their way to second and Ella Cochrane presented a dramatic piece from Harry Potter for third.  Fantastic!


Girls Cricket In Safe Hands

The Cunninghams have the edge in girls cricket with River and Amber (no relation!) scoring spots in Otago representative teams.  River has been named in the Otago U15 Girls team and Amber had her debut for the Otago Sparks last weekend.  She was featured in the Oamaru Mail last Friday, and the Otago U15 team head to Wanganui in January for the Festival of Cricket, so exciting times ahead!


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Middleton Action Day Two

The warm weather is continuing for our campers at Middleton and they're certainly getting use out of the inner tubes from Advantage Tyres!  

B Day For Activities Week

There weren't chestnuts roasting on an open fire, but reindeer biscuit baking in the Food Technology room!  Our Y9s are on 'B DAY" of their Activities Week with baking, bridge building and bowling on the schedule this morning.

Hot Start At Middleton

It was a hot start for campers at Middleton yesterday so they were glad to be able to enjoy the water.  

Monday, December 4, 2017

Graduation Dinner

A final farewell for our graduating class of 2017 was held at The Manor Estate on Saturday evening, when our newest batch of past pupils gathered with staff and family at the Graduation Dinner. Deputy Mayor for the Waitaki District Mel Tavendale was the guest speaker for the evening, delivering them an inspiring challenge as they head off on their next life chapter. Thank you Mel for joining us for the evening. Thank you also to Mr Nyika and the team for arranging such a wonderful event! There were plenty of special family photos celebrating the occasion and we wish all of our graduates every blessing for their future paths.


With such warm weather for the last weekend in Hostel students enjoyed a day at the beach, topped with some marshmallow toasting.

Y10 Camp Hits The Road

Our Year 10 students are ready and rearing to hit the road for camp!  The forecast for the week is excellent so makes for some great memories.  Have fun team!

Y10 In Action At The PU

 As promised, our Year 10s in action at the Junior Performance Unit on Friday

Friday, December 1, 2017

Principal's Comment

Kia ora Kevinians and Supporters of the College

This week staff have been busy completing, junior reports, preparing for our year 10 camp and year 9 activities week as well as welcoming the fresh faces of our 2018 intake to the College. As part of the induction program, Mr Ryan and I  helped students link themselves into the computer network and explained our 2018 BYOC (Bring your own Chromebook) initiative. The reason for requesting Chromebooks is to eliminate the need for mobile phones to be routinely used in class.  For junior students,  Chromebooks have been shown to be the most cost effective device for school.

Today the catering staff held a farewell morning tea for Mrs Pauline Orr. Pauline has worked in the College kitchen for over 23 years and her loyalty and commitment to serving our community has been second to none. We wish Pauline every happiness and blessing in her retirement.

On Saturday evening staff and caregivers will join with our Year 13 leaver's to celebrate their Graduation. The dinner is the final formal event for the cohort that joined us as Year 9 students back in 2013. We wish them every success in their next endeavours and look forward to keeping up with their exploits in years to come. I would like to formally acknowledge those families who are ending their day to day connections with the College as their last child graduates. I have appreciated your support as we have worked together to educate your sons and daughters. All our parents can be proud of the fine young people we have heading out for a GAP year, joining the work force or undertaking further training or study. May the Kevinian Special Character that has shaped your time with us, be your guiding compass in life.

May God bless you all this Advent Season
Paul Olsen, Principal